Junior Coaching

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Kids Improve coordination, speed, strength and agility and learn the fundamentals of tennis to start. Teaches kids how to problem-solve as individuals and in a team. Learn to play correctly with a great base. Kids learn the correct grips, footwork and swing paths.

Blue Ball squads

Ages 3-5 years old

30 minute sessions

Catching, throwing and hitting tennis balls

Red Ball Squads

Ages 5-8 years old,

45 minute sessions with a maximum of 4 players per court.

Orange Ball Squads

Ages 8-10 years old,

45 minute sessions with a maximum of 4 players per court.

Green Ball Squads

Ages 9 years and up (depending on player level)

60 minute or 90 minute sessions with a maximum of 4 players per court.

Yellow Ball Squads

Ages 12 and above (depending on player level)

Intermediate squad – aimed at social or less experienced players

The Talent Development and Tournament Performance Squad aimed at players looking to play competitively at Tournaments and UTR events.

Eastside Tennis Academy program

The program caters for serious tennis players with 4 sessions per week plus monthly UTR matchplay. Coaches help players set their tournament schedules and guide them on the right pathway for competitive play.

The program focuses on building stronger foundations in players’ technique, utilising the world’s best practice methods. 

Players can attend two on-court sessions on Wednesday and Friday evenings (Yellow Ball Performance and Talent Development).

Green ball players can attend two on-court sessions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Tuesday & Thursday morning sessions consist of physical training and footwork utilising functional training and cardio equipment on and off the court. 

Video analysis will be included for all academy players each term with a detailed report.

Players can come to 1 session or all 4, we understand they may be limited with their schedules. 

Private Lessons

Available 7 days a week by appointment. Lessons are tailored to fit the student’s needs. We offer from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes.

Video Analysis

We offer comprehensive video analysis reports including technical stroke analysis and match pattern recognition.

Video analysis can be a powerful tool for tennis coaching, allowing coaches and players to review and analyze their performance to identify areas for improvement. Here are some ways video analysis can help with tennis coaching:

  1. Stroke analysis: By reviewing video footage of a player’s strokes, coaches can analyze their technique, footwork, and positioning. They can identify any flaws or areas for improvement and work with the player to correct them.
  2. Tactical analysis: Coaches can use video analysis to review match footage and analyze the player’s tactics and decision-making. They can identify patterns in the player’s game and work with them to develop more effective strategies.
  3. Mental preparation: Video analysis can also help players work on their mental preparation by reviewing footage of their performance under pressure. Coaches can help players develop strategies to handle pressure situations and stay focused during matches.
  4. Progress tracking: By recording and reviewing a player’s performance over time, coaches can track their progress and identify areas where they have improved or where they still need work.
  5. Performance feedback: Video analysis can also provide valuable feedback to players by showing them exactly what they are doing right or wrong. This visual feedback can be more effective than verbal feedback alone and can help players make corrections more quickly.

Overall, video analysis can be an invaluable tool for tennis coaching, helping coaches and players to identify areas for improvement and track progress over time.

Video Analysis price on application, individually tailored for your needs.


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